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My eyes - Changing colors –


These days, I'm fascinated by the changing colors of nature. Step by step, the colors evolve with time and the forms , too. It's curious that I unconsciously see the transformations occurring in the world everyday.
Specifically, I'm captivated by a certain plant. The plant has a dark green color and grows up from the earth. Little yellow flowers grow from the plant slowly in May.The Broom  are increasing every day. Sometimes, the plant looks like a mass of energy growing out of the earth.It seems as if the earth's energy is erupting like a volcano. By changing colors, the impression of the shape of the plant is transformed and the impression of the viewer, too. I am very attracted to this phenomenon.




My eyes - atmosphere –

One day in the winter, small dust was floating in the sun the reflects onto the window.
Look at it moving slowly in a warm room.
Sometimes I feel like I'm in the water.
It's a strange feeling.
Even in the water atmosphere, it is visible that small things are floating
We live with them among us.
February , 2019