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About my workshop

Occationally ,MASAAKI OHYA is invited to hold workshops at museums and galleries.

My workshop isn't a lecture workshop to study art. It is more of a reflection about art meeting where participants can share information with professional artists in order to solve some of their artistic problems. Simply, I will help you by offering my ideas to change your perspective on art to open up you own reflexion and thought about art. Technique is not taught in the workshop. Only advice about perspective on art is offered as I move around the workshop speaking with the students. You use your own ideas in the Masaaki Ohya workshop. I have a no rules. I will sometime suggest ideas or alternatives but never impose a style. Every person will chose the method or style that pleases them. I want to suggest the many different perspectives that exist in the world and the world of art in particular. My workshop will give you the opportunity to explore these perspectives and to interpret them in your fashion. I show participants my perspective and my art in the workshop but in this workshop participants will search for their own answers, their own truth with little intervention from myself. It is the participant who finds their own style and answers to perspectives and art. It is the Masaaki Ohya style .