Associate Professor

2nd April 2018

I have become the Associate Professor of Tama Art University Department of Printing for the Printmaking Course starting on 2nd April 2018. I will do my best to pursue further Intaglio research. I look forward to your further guidance and encouragement in the future.


Grand Prize

29th March 2018

I won the Grand Prize at The 4TH INTERNATIONAL SMALL ETCHING BIENNIAL GRAPHIUM TIMIŞOARA 2017. The award-winning work is the Correspondences 17. In this exhibition, 161 artists were selected. I will hold a solo exhibition at the next Biennale in two years.


The Print Work Shop

14th March 2018

The Print Art Workshop for this year's 5-year old children has ended successfully.About 500 children have participated in the drypoint workshop which lasted for 5 years.There is a sense of accomplishment when thinking of the number of participants.Looking earnestly when drawing powerfully on the copperplate, when looking at the paper, it looks like a secret box when opening it.Each facial expression that the children showed me was memorable.Among them, the most impressive thing was the child who painted a picture of the wind.There was a child who was using a rolling tool to roll and roll. "What are you drawing?" I asked him."I'm drawing the wind."He said "It sounds like the sound of the wind."I was very impressed by this child who has a wonderful sensitivity.